Hannes Meier, of Clan Giovanni

Accountant during mortal life, continuing practice during unlife.

Retired Director of Accounting

Favoured solution: Dominate (Forgetful Mind)

Has some experience with Fae Economics.

Successfully negotiated terms of the Financial Account for Lady Felicity Lord, returning unpaid wages and back-taxes totalling $127.5B, of which 1% was paid to the Department of Accounting

Under orders from Capo Iversen to 'cause trouble for the High Court of the Fae', explained in detail the concepts of Unionization and Communism to Fae workers under Lady Lord, pending results.

Retired from Accounting on the night of April 30, 1993 ((2018-04-27)) and left the city to take a position in Europe in a city with considerably fewer demons, having taken a goblin as an apprentice accountant.