((This page is entirely out-of-character, and concerns how to use the wiki itself.))


This is the markup language of wikia. I'm going to be frank, it is a pain in the arse. For extended use, look at the many wikis devoted purely to wikitext, such as wikimarkup. To use wikitext, go into the source editor in the edit dialogue box. For this, I'll go over a few very common ones.

  • <nowiki></nowiki> is used to make things that would normally be parsed into other forms not be parsed.
  • <br/> is used to force a line break. By default, wikia removes all carriage returns past the first between text, so this is used extensively for formatting.
  • {{template}} is used to call a template. Templates must first be made, but once made can make creating new pages easier. This is explained more in depth next section.


I will be creating (others are more than free to help) templates for each kind of page, so that information is standardized. Comments as usual can be directed to @gatherto on the boards, or any other way to contact me.

Templates are used by, when creating a page, simply typing the name of the template you want to use between two sets of curled braces: {{Kindred}}

If you want to pre-fill entries, you have 3 options:

  • When creating the page, include the parameters the page wants (viewable on the template's page) separated by vertical lines. For example: {{Kindred|name=Belle (Cara) Iversen|position=capo|...}}
  • Create the page just by using the template code. For example, {{Kindred}}. Then, click the resulting templated page to edit the parameters.
  • Create the page blank. Then, edit the page, and type the template code. The edit dialogue box should ask you to input the parameters by field.

Templates that are ready:

Templates that are in progress:

Templates that are to-do:

  • Fey
  • Werewolves
  • Mortals
  • Unknown Species
  • Locations
  • Hubs
  • Plots